Happy Dewali !!!!

Of all the festivals celebrated in India, Dewali is by far the most glamorous and important. it is also celebrated as New Year amongst Hindus. Although Dewali is celebrated across all over India, the enthusiasm with which Jaipur celebrates Dewali – the Festival of Lights – has to be seen and experienced to be believed!! For tourist being in Jaipur during Dewali is indeed a rare opportunity and an unforgettable moments.

The Bazaars bustle with people buying new cloths , electronic, automobiles , and other festival items . Indeed this is one time of the year when  Indians  become real shopaholic and gets into shopping frenzy  .

Prior to Dewali all sorts of make-shift stalls suddenly spring out on the pavements  of the local Markets . With everyone needing for the Dewali puja, and to  decorate their houses, potters offering diyas (clay lamps) , flower-sellers selling  garlands by the dozens, Mithaiwala ( Sweet shop) and of course fire-crackers. Children and adults alike buy the latest fire-crackers hoping  do roaring business.

All over Jaipur , you will find people decorating their homes and offices with colourful lights  and clay lamps  .  During Dewali in Jaipur, entire bazaars are illuminated for five consecutive days. All the markets  are lighted up vividly  and put  up a grand spectacle. All important Government and private building are also brightly lighted to raise the festive atmosphere . There are prizes for the best decorated markets, commercial complexes, private buildings, gates….to  boost the  festival sprits.  This  unique collective effort, it is prime  reason to be in Jaipur during Dewali festival 

On the eve of Dewali , Hindu traditional puja  of Laxmi (goddess for wealth & Prosperity)   is held at every household   and solemn family affair . Rright after the puja, the real fun begins , it’s time for Fire crackers , Children and adults both are equally excited about this afair and one may get you see a various varieties of crackers like Anar , Chakri, Rocket, (  Twinkling anaars, rockets whizzing past, dazzling fireworks exploding in the skies above, and YES  Bombs  to make the biggest bang in their mohalla, it’s sheer pleasure to be a part of this amazing of all this. Final touches to their homes, which would soon see a flurry of friends and relatives dropping by to wish a “Happy Dewali”

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